10 Bus stops that make you stop.

10 Bus stops that make you stop.

The bus and train stops where I live leave much to be desired.  They are boring.  They are uncomfortable.  They are uninspiring.  They are a long way from satisfying.

I went on a high-speed quest to find the world’s 10 most tempting bus stops, and here is what I found.  You can click on each picture to be taken to the source page for a full story of each.  Enjoy!

A bus stop adorned with flowers, vines, and potted plants.  A lady sits inside on a cushioned seat.

Moroccan Bus Stop, Cornwall, U.K. This lady got tired of vandals destroying her bus stop, so she gave it a make-over.

A bus stop constructed of three old school buses.

A school bus bus stop, Athens, GA. This was made by a sculptor using three old school buses.

Bus stop with wall paper, a table, a lamp, and chairs.

Bus stop for two. Cleveland, OH. Mark Reigelman spruced up this bus stop for the most adorable commute, ever. It was torn down by city workers the next day.

Bus stops made to look like various fruits.

Fruit Stops, Japan. Leave it to the utilitarian Japanese to use fruit as a place to rest.

A yellow bus stop complete with lemon trees planted on top.

Absolut Lemon Drop, Chicago, IL. I honestly would have been surprised if Absolut had NOT launched a marketing campaign like this... Yes, those are actual plants on top.

A bus stop where the seat functions as a scale, and the weight in kg is displayed digitally for all to see.

Fitness First, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. You can keep tabs on your weight at this bus stop. Would you sit down?

A bus stop that features a full aquarium instead of a traditional advertisement.

AquarioMania, Brazil. Real fish, real aquarium. Pretty, but maybe not very practical.

Unst Bus Shelter, Shetland, U.K. This is the most northerly bus stop in Britain and has only a handful of regular users. The community decorates this bus stop with a new theme almost every year.

Read the fine print, Zagreb, Croatia. Though the bus stop itself is pretty blah, the ad is great. In the fine print, it says: At this moment your bum is completely exposed. If you were in a sexy pair of jeans, it would attract attention all the time!

A bus stop that looks like a house that has been stretched out and curved over the top of it several times.

Bus Home, Buenaventura, CA. Dennis Oppenheim made sure to provide passengers with plenty of sitting room.