I never use a shopping cart anymore

I never use a shopping cart anymore

I guess I'm anti-American.

A lot of my outlook on life changed after my bus streak, but one of the most unexpected aspects was my perceptions of the shopping cart.  When you grocery shop on the bus, you obviously can’t take back as much stuff as you would be able to in your car.  Shopping trips become much more purposeful and minimalist.  Everything I took home had to fit within a couple of canvas shopping bags and had to be light enough for me to carry approximately half a mile to the nearest bus stop without dying or disconnecting my arms.  Shopping carts just had no place in my life.  I assumed, as you might, that once I started using my car again, I would go back to my old ways of stuffing a shopping cart full of unnecessary junk.

Not so.

To this day (about three months after I started using my car again), I’ve only used a shopping cart a couple of times.  The few times I have used it, it has been nearly empty (you could still see the bottom of the cart).  And, when it’s time to go to my car, I empty out the cart in the store lobby before venturing into the parking lot.  I can’t remember the last time I took a shopping cart to my car.

It’s not so much that I forget to grab one or that I’m being defiant about it.  They just feel awkward, now.  Sometimes people look at me weird, carrying all of my stuff in my arms (or in a basket when I’m lucky), but that’s ok.  I save money, while they buy junk that they don’t need.  Thank you, Bus, for teaching me a whole new way to be frugal.  :)


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