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Hey, little girl…

Hey, little girl…
Cool lookin' dude reaching for something inside his jacket. Looks like he's saying: Yeah, I got da money.

Hey, little girl... I got what you need...

What would you do if the stranger sitting across from you on the bus suddenly handed you a package and told you to take it?  Today, I chose to engage him to figure out what was going on.  I got nowhere.

I had been riding the bus for almost a half hour sitting across from this guy.  He was missing an eye (not relevant to the story, but perhaps an interesting detail).  We had not exchanged a single word the entire trip.  Then, he suddenly offered me the bag he was holding.  It was a pink, cloth bag with handles, and it had polka dots on it.  Not to be sexist, but it was a strange style of bag for an adult man to be carrying.

Of course, I didn’t take the bag, but my interest had been piqued, “What’s inside?”

“It’s a brand new laptop.”  He said this as if I had asked a silly or obvious question.  I just looked at him blankly.

“What, you don’t believe me?”  Mmm…. no….  So, he opened it up and showed me.  Truth be told, there was, what appeared to be, a brand new laptop.  No power cables, no booklets.  Just the laptop and the dingy, pink bag.

So, at that point, what would you think?  A man has just offered you a brand new laptop.  On the bus.  For no reason.  I think there’s one thought that has crossed everyone’s mind:  “So…. is it yours??”

“Of course it’s mine!  She thinks it’s not mine!  Ha!”  Although he was answering my questions, none of my questions were actually being answered.  “So…. why are you trying to get rid of it?”

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