One Week.  No Car.

Take a stand for public transportation, and burn your keys!  By becoming a part of the Bus Challenge, you have made a commitment to go as long as is humanly possible without the gratifying independence that comes with jamming your key in the ignition.  How long can you go?

To take the Bus Challenge, you must provide proof that you take your abstinence seriously.  That means photographs.  And stories.  Be creative.  One week with a parked car earns you the esteemed privilege of being listed on the Bus Challenge Hall of Fame.  Will you be the next superstar?

We believe in abstinence only.


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  1. ‘That means photographs. And stories. Be creative’; hmm that’s tough, especially the creative part.


    Butttt, for what its’ worth, the last ten-years, I’ve in Portland OR, London, Amman, and now Chiang Mai, Thailand.

    During that time, I’ve relied 100% on public transportation; and, I LOVE IT!


    Here in Chiang Mai, I rely on sontaew, tuk-tuk, and feets.

    A wordpress blog I wrote on toolin’ around Chiang Mai.

    I think you have a TERRIFIC blog, and will subscribe to it as SOON as I finish this dumb reply.

    khup khun krup,

  2. that’s impressive. I’ve gone 3 weeks so far, I don’t know how much longer I’ll make it before i break down and slam my foot on the gas pedal. My car sits tauntingly in the parking lot. :/

    I’d love to see pictures/stories! I’m thinking about making a section on here for other people’s adventures, but I need adventures to put on there first! :)

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